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TZÚS GROUP is an association of legal entities, which is a natural synergy of the three interconnected by property testing and certification organizations:

Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague, SOE, QUALIFORM, Inc., PAVUS, Inc.

The association employs almost 300 skilled workers in total generates a steady annual turnover of over 10 mil. EUR.

"For Your Credibility."

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and Test Institute for Construction Prague, SOE

Technical and Test Institute for Construction Praha, SOE (TZÚS Praha, s. p.), is the largest testing and certification organization in the Czech Republic in the field of the conformity assessment of construction products, an internationally recognized provider of comprehensive services in this and other fields, a major partner of manufacturers, importers, designers and constructors, as well as of public administration, research and development, a member of many national and international organizations, and an active participant in the process of technical regulations and standards creation.
Services are provided through a network of branches in Brno, České Budějovice, Ostrava, Plzeň, Praha, Předměřice nad Labem, Teplice and a branch – Light Industry Testing Institute in České Budějovice.

More on website www.tzus.cz


Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague, SOE

Prosecká 811/76a, Prosek, 190 00 Praha 9
Contact: Pavel Rubáš, Mobile: +420 602 115 450


QUALIFORM, Inc. has been rendering independent and comprehensive services for the business sector, general public and public administration for more than two decades.
Scope of services offered by QUALIFORM, a.s.:
• Testing in the field of building materials and building acoustics
• Geotechnics and engineering geology
• Management systems certification and comformity assesment
• Technical support for construction projects 

Brno, České Budějovice, Hradec Králové, Olomouc, Praha, Teplice, Valašské Meziříčí

More on website www.qualiform.cz



Mlaty 672/8, Bosonohy, 642 00 Brno
Contact: Michal Šenkýř, Phone: +420 547 422 511, Mobile: +420 606 660 977

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PAVUS, a.s.

PAVUS, a. s. specializes in conformity testing and assessment of reaction to fire and fire resistance of construction products and fire safety equipment including technical units and fire protection systems. The services also include conformity assessment and certification of fire safety-related products.

More on website www.pavus.cz


PAVUS, a.s.

Praha 9 - Prosek, Prosecká 412/74, PSČ 19000 
Contact: Jan Tripes, Phone: +420 286 019 586, Mobile: +420 607 774 395

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